Get to know Baggicase

Discover what happens when creativity and need
come together in the mind of a restless cyclist.

Who I am

I've been through it too. That moment when you go out to ride and you don't know where to put your belongings to avoid damaging or losing them. More often than not you end up resorting to little hacks... sometimes quite shabby ones! I think it has happened to all of us at some point.

I am Javi Blanco and, tired of using plastic freezer bags in these cases, I went from being a graphic designer and passionate cyclist to the creator of Baggicase, the waterproof case for cyclists for phones, money and essentials.

After a year of initial design development and a beta testing program with more than 60 professional and ammetuer cyclists, the crowdfunding campaign began. This phase proved that cyclists needed a case to protect their phones. And that case was Baggicase, a product that solved a real and obvious need.

What is Baggicase

After confirming my hypothesis of the need for a quality case to protect your mobile, I kept on working on improving its features and design. Today Baggicase allows cycling enthusiasts to keep their phone, money, documents and a key in one place comfortably and safely.

Baggicase cases have become a fully functional and compact solution to keep the important things in your jersey pocket. Today our products mean personality, innovation and style within the world of cycling.

Made 100% by hand in Spain, these essentials cases have become renowned in the world of cycling. Proof of this is the trust of brands, teams and riders in the UCI World Tour. Today the family of products for cyclists has grown, as socks and water bottles for cyclists complete an ideal pack for every cycling lover.

My goal is that no cyclist will ever have to go out again with his or her mobile phone and belongings stuffed in a plastic bag. Never again. But I believe that, little by little and with the help of people like you, I am getting closer to achieving this.